Frequently Asked Questions

What's the turnaround time on tunes?

24 to 48 hour turnaround on ECU's and TCU's.

Do sales apply to all franchises?

No, sales very per location.

I purchased a used tune/handheld from someone, why isn't it working?

Tunes/handhelds are non-transferable.

I purchased my vehicle with your tune on it already, can I get an upgrade?

No, they are not transferable.

Do I need a battery charger on my car while tuning?


Is it normal for errors to pop up on my dash while tuning?


What fuel do you tune for?

Any fuel that is local to your area.

Can you tune for any mod?

Most, just let us know what you have.

How much for custom tunes?

$100 an hour plus the cost of the tune.

What kind of dyno do you have?

All Wheel Drive Dyno Jet.